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Image by Peretz Partensky 


What happens when you fall in love at Burning Man and try to bring it home?

Sep 4, 2018

So, you fell in love on playa. What can you do; playa romance happens. But the question remains: what allows us to fall in love so quickly and deeply out in the desert? Veteran Burner and therapist Dr. Beth Gadomski specializes in counseling Burner couples through the mysteries and travails of love in the dust....

Apr 6, 2018

In Part 2 of Twin Flames, the star-crossed soulmates continue their affair, go to the playa *twice*, and talk with God.

Apr 6, 2018

What if you had a soulmate, but your love lived only for one week in the desert? And what if your soulmate wasn’t solely your cosmic match, but also another version of you? Meet a pair of star-crossed soulmates other people. If Nicholas Sparks went to Burning Man, he’d write this story. This is Part 1...

Oct 2, 2017

Tony and Daniel met and married on playa over 2014-2015. But happily ever after endings don't write themselves. Sometimes, it takes a transcontinental move, extreme paperwork filing, and a Supreme Court case to pull one off. Swiss cigarettes help.